About us

We are an innovative company dedicated to acuatic extreme adventure sports, compound by a well formed young team . Adventure, adrenaline, sports and fun. Come and enjoy!

We offer you

Boat rental

If you prefer to sail the seas by boat or longboat, sure we have what you are looking for. With or without titling it, enjoys a wonderful day of sun and water to your air. We have several motor boats that fit to your needs.

one day trip to Cabrera

We also offer you the opportunity to discover with us Cabrera island, an idyllic setting that combines history, nature and an unmatched visual beauty, exploring its nooks and be able to swim in its waters turquoise and crystal clear.

Water Delfinia

Practice a new water sport! Our water table is ideal for diving and scuba diving. You can dive looking at funds and underwater wildlife. A really great way to discover and to enjoy diving and scuba diving.


Flyboard is a new water sports. A table under your feet with two powerful jets down allows you to fly over water, immerse yourself in it, jumping like a dolphin, and do all sorts of tricks. It's an incredible feeling, you need to try it to understand it!


Enjoy the scenery and environment area renting our jetskys, easy to handle, with a modern style, Easy to for drive and offering all the guarantees of security.

Come and enjoy!